Saturday, January 30, 2010

Matt Damon shows us his Pienaar

Although (the forever associated) Ben Affleck is much more conventinally good-looking, it is Matt Damon who manages to be the sexier of the pair by miles - maybe it's because he's so much more charismatic an actor.

Anyway, February 2010 sees the UK release of Invictus, which is essentially a Clint Eastwood-directed Golden Globe-nominated movie about how Nelson Mandela (played by Morgan Freeman) used rugby to help unite black and white South Africa and create a shared national passion, culminating in the Springbok's 1995 Rugby World Cup win.

Matt Damon plays legendary Springbok's captain Fran├žois Pienaar.

Although shorter than Pienaar and the rest of the squad, Damon has ditched the weight he put on for The Informant!, trained hard and piled on the muscle - why is this never possible for we mere mortals?

Also of interest... Damon and director Paul Greengrass will return to make a fourth Jason Bourne film, planned as The Bourne Legacy. Steven Soderbergh has also confirmed that Damon will play longtime Liberace love interest, Scott Thorsen, opposite Michael Douglas [!] in an upcoming film about the camp icon.

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