Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tomasz Schafernaker

Most of my traffic on this humble site comes from Google searches - and the most popular search is sexy young BBC weatherman Tomasz Schafernaker (usually followed the words 'gay' or 'naked').

Well, I have no idea if the lovely Tomasz is of the lavender persuasion, although he has always set my gaydar off at a low rumble and his BBC weather profile notes that 'Tomasz lives in west London with his two housemates, he enjoys jogging and his local gym. He frequently travels to Gdansk but he also loves the climate of south Florida...' If you find sharing with housemates, going to the gym and a fondess for south Florida 'suggestive' (never mind an Attitude cover) then there you go.

For evidence of his fondess of the gym - and for those of you who so often Google 'Tomasz Schafernaker naked' I give you this...

It's pretty good, isn't it. You can buy your own copy with the latest issue of Attitude - the one with rugby hero Gareth Thomas looking iconic on the front [see below].


John Gray said...

good blog

Roger Mellie said...

Your "low rumble" would be right, quelle surprise. He has left a lavender trace on Outeverywhere in the past, as well as regularly down Old Compton St.

My spies inform he has a gentleman friend at present, a colleague :-(