Sunday, March 01, 2009

Tom Hardy

Hot (in both senses of the word) British actor Tom Hardy first came to notice in the miniseries Band of Brothers and has since carved out an an increasingly successful career in television and film, via appearances including Black Hawk Down, Star Trek Nemesis, Layer Cake, Scenes of a Sexual Nature and Guy Richie's RocknRolla (in which he played a gay gangster with a crush on Gerard Butler's character (as you would have)).

Tom can soon be seen (much beefed up and sexy in a completely inappropriate way) in the title role of Bronson - the violent and stylish new biopic of 'Britain's most dangerous prisoner' and all-round psycho nutjob Michael Peterson aka Charles Bronson.

He was also a sexy/dangerous Bill Sikes in a recent BBC production of Oliver. In his next film Tom Hardy is playing a cage fighter. I'm not making this up. I need to lie down.


James H said...

he is very hot
love the second pic
must check out that movie !!

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