Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Diet on the Dancefloor - sexy fat lads

There is something so wrong about new Living show Diet on the Dancefloor - ten chubby lads and lasses dieting and learning to dance for our entertainment but...

Edward Collins - 15.5 stones

21 year old Edward is a wannabe boy band member from East London who dreams of one day having a successful music career.

But Edward feels his weight is holding him back. His main passion in life is singing and song-writing but feels his performance is hampered by his increasing weight gain since he gave up playing semi-professional rugby.

He detests the cheesy ‘Westlife’ style routines and would love to learn how to dance properly.

A real mummy’s boy, Eddie still lives at home with his mum who raised him single-handedly and sees the show as a means of securing a better life for the both of them.

[I'm guessing the mother's a feeder for her own reasons]

Jaiden Michael - 16 stones

Celebrity obsessed, 25 year old Jaiden is a cheeky Scouser with a big ego.

Confident and cheeky, Jaiden loves to mix with the Liverpool celebrity and fashionista set and aspires to be the new Perez Hilton due to his daily on-line celebrity gossip blog.

He loves fashion and works hard on perfecting his variety of ‘looks’, some of which don’t work because of his body shape and size.

Jaiden's dream is to lose the weight and bring out the person he is destined to be, a superstar!

[Cuter than he looks on this pic. Perez Hilton [!] is his role model? Stay fat then, love]

Have to say though that the top TV totty is still the Crank on Bingo Night Live - Tuesday to Saturday after midnight ITV1


cb said...

Wow- your countries idea of "chubby" and America's idea of "chubby" are totally different.

Peter Rivendell said...

The boys [and girls] have to dance, so morbidly obese isn't going to cut it - if you know what I mean.

Pascal H. said...

Read me and as my advice, DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKES I DID!