Wednesday, July 16, 2008

One thing to look forward to in Beijing

Quite why they ever decided to hold the Olympics in a city that has air so polluted that it represents a danger to athletes, in an undemocratic country that has an appalling human rights record, invests heavily in Zimbabwe and blocks UN attempts to impose sanctions on the hateful Mugabe, and generally flouts its every international responsibility while unhelpfully distorting the global economy is beyond me.

But we don't care about that - we love the Olympics, the stadia look great and there are good things to look forward to - like French Canadian diver Alexandre Despatie, who gets sexier and sexier as he gets bulkier and hairier and older [and he's still only 23].


cb said...

Not only is Despatie desperately hot, but he has a HUGE package! It's barely contained in the tight speedos he wears!!

Peter Rivendell said...

Yes, M. Despatie ticks all the right er, boxes.