Friday, April 18, 2008

Channing Tatum is G.I. Joe

British readers will know classic American boy toy G.I. Joe better as Action Man - and I'm sure we all had at least one Action Men while growing up - mine was called David. I believe that only gay boys name their Action Man.

Anyway, there is a G.I Joe film currently in production starring up and coming hunk actor and former model Channing Tatum as First Sergeant Conrad S. Hauser aka Duke, and Dennis Quaid. Set ten years in the future, the film is said to be a fantasy adventure in the style of X-Men or Mission: Impossible as opposed to the war film you might expect. The villain is played by Christopher Eccleston. This huge-budget spectacular is directed by Stephen Summers, best known for The Mummy films and Van Helsing.

And Channing Tatum is hot. Yet again, let's hope the movie doesn't suck and his acting isn't as plastic as his character's origins.

G.I. Joe is scheduled for release in August 2009.

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