Monday, April 14, 2008

Dave Annable

Here at Cubland, we love US family drama Brothers & Sisters - currently showing on E4 in the UK in advance of a run on Channel 4.

To be honest, my heart pretty much belongs to Balthazar Getty, who plays oldest brother Tommy Walker, but I also enjoy Matthew Rhys as gay lawyer Kevin Walker and it is impossible not to fall for the puppy-dog charms of the baby of the family, Justin Walker, played with lots of charm by Dave Annable. If only we could get him to beef up a bit.

(Naturally, as gay men, we also love Sally Field, Rachel Griffiths and [the still slightly annoying] Calista Flockhart - who has mostly redeemed herself for the wilderness years after the point at which Ally McBeal became unwatchable nonsense and she became little more than Harrison Ford's alarmingly thin, messy-haired significant other.)

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