Tuesday, September 21, 2010

James Anderson

I'm not sure quite why the fact that Lancashire cricketer James Anderson appears naked in the October issue of Attitude has made the mainstream media in such a big way, considering that Attitude and GT magazines have regularly been featuring increasingly prominent male celebrities in various states of undress for several months.

In any case, I'm just pleased that the handsome Anderson - long a favourite of CUBLAND -  has chosen to do and say what he has in the name of combatting homophobia in sport - although with the recent retirement of Andrew Flintoff, it doesn't do Jimmy's public profile any harm...

For fans of orange and extreme hold hair gel Gavin Henson is on the flipside on the Atitude active cover.

[I have taken the unusual step of buying this month's Attitude, something I no longer do an on a regular basis - partly because two of my friends are featured in an article - and I must say that the Jimmy Anderson pictures are well worth the money. Clothed or naked, he has never looked more adorable.]

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