Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bryn Williams

I'm not about to pretend that the world of celebrity chefs is an untapped pool of hotness, but it does provide a steady stream of young (or youngish) men on TV that are not sportsmen - Saturday Kitchen, Something For the Weekend, Market Kitchen, Great British Menu - and some of them are pretty fine.

I've already mentioned the adorable Matt Tebbutt more than once, and this weekend I was watching a kind of best-of compendium of Saturday Kitchen (always a Saturday morning treat) and up popped a bearded, rather sexy Bryn Williams, doing something with braised pigs' cheeks...

In his early 30s, Bryn Williams is Wales leading chef (or he's just Welsh and pretty good), and is at the front of the pack of next gen celebrity chefs - with a very successful London restaurant and many TV appearances under his belt.

I worry that his appeal may at least be partly stubble-related but he seems like a fine fellow, makes nice food and I felt inspired enough to write about him...

... tragically, it appears that he is (or was) in a relationship with Sharleen Spiteri. Blimey.

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