Monday, May 25, 2009

The first man I ever fancied...

...OK, he wasn't a man so much as a puppet, but the first man I ever fancied - and this was as a child at some point in the late sixties - was Virgil Tracy of Thunderbirds.

He was handsome with big brown eyes, had a very sexy voice and flew the coolest of all the Thunderbirds craft - Thunderbird 2. What was not to like?

According to his Wikipedia profile, 'Virgil's off-duty demeanour is much less boisterous than his other brothers, indulging in painting and playing the piano.' Any clues there? Another site praises his calmness in a crisis and his bravery as the lynchpin of virtually every international rescue.

Unfortunately, it appears he was born in 1999 - so Virgil Tracy may be out there now somewhere - and he's ten.

I'm prepared to wait.

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