Wednesday, May 07, 2008

What does Quantum of Solace actually mean? - oh, yes, more Daniel Craig...

I know it's not released until late-October/early-November but is anyone else looking forward to the forthcoming James Bond film...?

(The incredibly clunkily-named) Quantum of Solace is the 22nd Bond film and the follow-up to the magnificent - certainly one of the best Bond films ever - Casino Royale. It will also be the second outing for Daniel Craig as Bond - certainly the best Bond since the early Connery appearances.

He may have been a complete grump and spoilsport over the swimsuit scenes - or more specifically, images - from Casino Royale, but even fully-clothed, Daniel Craig as James Bond is incredibly sexy, with a winning blend of charm, chiselled handsomeness, brooding toughness and sophistication - the perfect Bond.


RAD said...

this man is sooooo flippin hot

Mr. Wrong said...

hot hot hot!

i love daniel bear!