Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Attitude is loving the bear

The latest issue of Attitude magazine features 'hot, hairy & huge' (straight) gay rugby icon Ben Cohen on the cover and in a several page spread inside scattered with some pretty good sports- and underwear photos of big Ben, and has a feature on bears and a bit of a gay sport theme.

Buy it or don't.

Oddly, the cover manages to render him packageless. I blame Dolce & Gabbana. Nice girdle of Adonis though.

To be honest, Ben Cohen, Babydaddy, Jack Osbourne - it all seems a little tired, despite the ongoing trend for facial hair and the enduring fashion for boybeards.

Having said that, Ben Cohen does have an absurdly beautiful muscle bear physique - even if his career has gone a bit blah.

And he loves the gays (yes dear, but have you had sex with one?)

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madhouse 6 said...

love him.