Saturday, January 03, 2009

Jewellery by Suay Design

I'm not a huge fan of jewellery on men but that's mostly because so many (straight) men wear appalling jewellery. The right pieces on the right bloke can look fantastic. Obviously these things are subject to fashion too - and some things are acceptable and others are simply not - earrings generally, for example, are not, but neck chains and bracelets can be very sexy and manly.

Anyway, this company - Suay Design - had a very good stall at Manchester's Christmas Market this year and they had some very nice men's jewellery - the sort of stuff I'd choose to wear myself (much as I am a big fan of Elizabeth Duke at Argos!). In fact, I bought something for my other half for Christmas from them.

Describing themselves as 'pioneers in contemporary jewellery design' they specialise in Titanium, Sterling Silver, Tungsten Carbide and Stainless Steel jewellery - worth a look.

Suay Design

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