Sunday, August 24, 2008

Diving Out

The Olympics had my sporting interest and patriotism running at full flow - such a great result for Team GB - but I feel it's worth a mention that while British eyes during the men's 10m platform diving were on 14 year-old Tom Daley - who came a very creditable seventh - the Gold medal was won - unexpectedly snatched from the Chinese - by 20 year-old Australian diver Matthew Mitcham (in fabulously tiny trunks).

Matthew Mitcham was the only openly gay male competitor in Beijing. And he won Gold. Makes you proud, doesn't it.

I wonder how many of those thousands of other male competitors were also gay but less courageous in being open about it... but I can think of quite a few I wish were... (mentioning no rowers, or cyclists, water polo players, or gymnasts, or... )

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