Sunday, June 08, 2008

The power of the beard

So anyway, there I am, channel surfing, looking for something to watch and on BBC1 there's a Euro 2008 match about to start. England haven't even qualified so I'm about that interested, anyway, it's the National Anthem bit where the camera pans along each team and as a self-respecting gay man you have to watch in case any of them turn out to be gorgeous. So, it's Poland first, not bad looking lot actually, wish they were rugby players but whatever and then it's Germany.

Three-quarters down the line there's this tall, dark handsome player with a beard, hello, so obviously I now have to know who he is. He's a defender, 27 years-old, number 21 in the German national team and it turns out he plays for Real Madrid and his name is Christoph Metzelder and he perfectly illustrates an important point about the power of the beard...

Without beard - quite handsome, nice eyes.

With beard - come to daddy!

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madhouse 6 said...

if only i looked that good in my beard. lol