Friday, June 06, 2008

Big Brother 9 - let the insanity commence?

Big Brother 9 launched on UK television this evening.

On a lot of sites I see lots of screencaps of all the attractive people on Big Brother around the world - especially the Australian version, where tanned muscle boys seems to spend the entire show either showering or towelling off - but what do we get in the UK - a freakshow [a little unfair, I know].

The funny thing with Big Brother is you never know how people are going to turn out from their introductory films and their entrance on the big night. - flamboyant freaks turn into silent loners, nutters turn out to be genuine and interesting people, the mouthy and argumentative turn out to be shy and eager to please and the worst of the wannabe girls are usually gone in the first few weeks...

First impressions this year? Firstly, can I really face another summer watching this oddly compelling dross... Secondly, Dale Howard and Rex Newmark...

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