Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Welcome to Royworld

Another new band shamelessly plundering the music of the 80s are London four-piece Royworld, whose influences include Bowie, Kate Bush, Roxy Music, Sparks, Thomas Dolby, Talk Talk and Buggles.

Much like The Feeling, Royworld manage to sound fresh because the music that influences them has been disregarded and almost unheard for twenty years, sounding new to the younger generation and striking happy familiar chords for those of who grew up musically in that much-maligned - though often dreadful - musical decade. Their music, for those very same reasons, is unashamedly part of the resurgence of pop, now becoming free from the generic mass-produced boy- and girlband pop of the 90s.

They follow up their debut single, Elasticity, with the release their of their new single Man In The Machine this week. An album, also entitled Man In The Machine, is released in June.

And their lead singer is cubbish - well, until he shaves that beard off.

Royworld MySpace
Royworld - Official Website includes free download of Elasticity

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theo said...

the video for their next single "Dust" is up on youtube