Saturday, March 08, 2008


Priape is Canada's largest gay retail chain. The company also operates Priape Wear, which is designing and selling t-shirts, swimwear, jeans, accessories and also the Priape Body line for sexy underwear for men, and is increasingly becoming available in Europe.

One of the best sellers at Prowler - for entirely understandable reasons - is the Priape Football Jock.

Hardwearing and well made, they offer unrivalled support to the necessary bits. They're made to an extremely hi-spec, and are extremely comfortable too. They hug and grip you in all the right places. As opposed to the standard jocks from Priape these football jocks come with a laceable front for you (or someone else) to undo! Available in black or white.


Priape also do these cool and sexy combat shorts [feeble excuse for another shot of sexy bear model]

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Dave in Oz said...

Hey - no excuse (feeble or otherwise) necesary to show pics of woofy men !! The camo pants make him all the hotter.......