Thursday, March 20, 2008

David Archuleta - The Long and Winding Road

One can't help feeling that American Idol contestant David Archuleta might be a lot more interesting in about five years time - he will have come out [maybe], he'll have a couple of tattoos and edgier hair, he'll be making great pop music with whoever is the equivalent of Timbaland in five years time - but for now, he remains a frighteningly young-looking 17 year old with an amazing voice, and his interpretataion of The Beatles' The Long and Winding Road was the perfect Idol marriage of pop standard and impressive vocal performance.

The boy can certainly sing, he already appears to be building a fanbase but is there a career there? Who can say - American Idol has picked as many duds as it has stars. And as Jennifer Hudson and Chris Daughtry showed, sometimes the chaff is actually the wheat.

My other favourite is David Cook, with his Eddie Vedder-ish rock star vocals and dreadful premature balding combed forward hairdo - but he can sing.


RAD Homo said...

yup - I hear ya... on cutey patootie Archuleta and you made me laugh about the dreaded hair on Cook! LOL

cb said...

Uggh-- David Fart-uleta. But I do dig David Cook.