Friday, February 15, 2008

Is this the next American Idol? David Archuleta

You can see all 12 guys through to the finals here. There are 12 girls as well if you're interested.


Peter Rivendell said...

It is almost impossible to tell until the studio shows start but it does seem like there is more talent in the boy's group of American Idol this year than certainly last year and the year before - much as we admired Blake Lewis and hearted Chris Richardson, and hearted and admired Chirs Daughtry.

Time will tell.

Peter Rivendell said...

Well, David Archuleta is certainly my favourite so far, although I have a sneaky liking for David Cook - although he needs to accept that he is rapidly going bald and lose the plastered strands of hair. Good singer though. The rest I can take or leave.

So who else thinks Robbie Carrico's splendid mane was a wig?

Jason Yeager had a nice arse but he deserved to go.