Thursday, January 24, 2008

Michael Underwood quits Dancing On Ice

GMTV reporter Michael Underwood has been forced to pull out of the ITV show Dancing on Ice after breaking his right ankle during a training session.

He told GMTV that dropping out of the show had left him 'devastated'.

Underwood was practising a routine with ice skater Melanie Lambert when he fell awkwardly while stopping on the ice. He was then taken to hospital.

'I'd like to say I was attempting some amazing triple axel or something, but I was just trying to stop,' he said.

A show spokesperson said: 'After breaking his ankle last night, Michael Underwood can no longer compete in Dancing on Ice.'

Whilst clearing coming second to Chris Fountain in terms of what might be termed 'hotness', Michael Underwood scored huge ticks in the categories of 'adorable' and 'funny'.

Lovely guy - why oh why couldn't it have been the utterly gormless Greg Rusedski...?

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