Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Rugby World Cup - England

It can be hard to get good pictures of British sportsmen because they are much less likely than their French, Italian or Australian counterparts to get involved in any kind of modelling - with a few notable exceptions. But these three are worth keeping an eye out for.

Dan Hipkiss

George Chuter - now George is an interesting one as his sex appeal is almost entirely beard-dependent. Without beard, his nose is too big, his eyes are a little too close together, but with that splendid, almost Victorian beard which he is wearing longer at the moment - he looks magnificent.

Nick Easter

Not models, just big handsome rugby blokes.

And to the list you could well add Mark Cueto, Phil Vickery, Olly Barkley, Simon Shaw, Ben Kay, Mark Regan, Shaun Perry [top picture, red strip]...

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