Friday, October 12, 2007

Aussie footballers get dirty

A minor stir has been caused in Australia by the McGrath Foundation's Naked for a Cause Australian footballers' calendar.

Featuring 26 AFL and NRL players in varying states of undress, the 19-month calendar is 30 pages of mean-looking men in a variety of macho settings, including a factory, a men's shower block and a prison cell.

'The footballers are all tough and they were worried about looking like typical pretty-boy calendar guys,' a calendar spokesman said. 'The photographer took inspiration from Fight Club and 300 to create a strong, sexy, masculine look that was in keeping with their tough reputations.'

The only question is... where can I get a copy?

Daniel Conn - Gold Coast Titans - NRL

Dene Halatau - Wests Tigers - NRL

John Williams - Sydney Roosters - NRL

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cb said...

I love the Sydney Cocks... er, i mean Roosters!