Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Karim Konrad and his Berlin Gay Mates

Visionary young German photographer Karim Konrad paints an intimate portrait of his relationship with the city of Berlin and the men that inhabit in his cheeky and playful book Berlin Gay Mates

Featuring a veritable manscape of Berlin’s most beautiful boys in the most colourful and whimsical of settings, Berlin Gay Mates exhales the quirky essence of Karim Konrad’s parade of German beauties with intoxicating results.

Flipping through page after page of boys with piercings, boys in wigs, boys in bathtubs, boys with Prince Alberts and so on and forth will not only leave you with a highly revved up libido, it might just find you booking a ticket to Berlin in a trancelike state.

Think a less kitsch and more porny Pierre et Gilles.

Karim Konrad

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