Friday, July 20, 2007

Shayne Ward

The world of pop is eagerly awaiting the return of former X-Factor winner Shayne Ward. Actually, this is probably not true, but he does have a new single - If That's OK With You - out in August and his second album to follow.

The single itself is a very commercial piece of upbeat R&B, with what some people would probably describe as 'a summery vibe'. Personally, I was hoping for something edgier and darker but as pretty as he is, Justin Timberlake he ain't, alas.

Judging from the video, Shayne is sporting at least two new tattoos - a tribal one on his arm and one on his chest - and he's still sporting the short cropped hair and stubble - so that's all good.

1 comment:

Nick said...

I heard this on Popworld while I was staying with my sister inLondon.

Personally I felt it sounded too manufactured and lacking in gusto and originality.

Knowing how the industry works, it wouldn't surprise me if it does well very briefly but then disappears very quickly.

I don't think it's catchy enough... but then I'm not in the catchment audience (mind you isn't is sad that music producers even talk of stuff like that).