Friday, February 16, 2007


Must-have Australian label aussieBum have added to their crotch-enhancing Patriot range - it's classic and universal aussieBum but bigger and prouder!

The original aussieBum wonderjock, lifting and enhancing in cool colours, promises to be the most amazing experience you've ever had in underwear.

Available in a range of new colours including white and blue without the national branding which some found initially offputting.

They have also added a trunk style to the range...

And if you're heading to the beach but don't want to wear ridiculously huge shorts but don't feel confident in trunks or recreating the beach scene from Casino Royale - then aussieBum have come up with these modest but still brief and sexy shorts for 2007.

Other patterns available. See you on the beach.

In fact, they've added a few new underwear and swimwear ranges as well as beach towels...

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