Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Chris Daughtry

Chris Daughtry is the rock star in the 2006 season of American Idol.

In possession of a great voice, his combo of shaved head with beard and some truly great styling, makes this 26-year old married father-of-one essential viewing.

He is also perhaps the most commercially viable and vocally consistent of this year`s contestants.


Angie said...

I completely agree.

Tachizuno said...

Chris is good at what he does. He's gotten flack for not being able to go outside his comfort zone, but I thought he did pretty well singing the Keith Urban song.

I also like Katharine McPhee

Peter Rivendell said...

When do major recording artists perform outside their comfort zone?

Outside of American Idol it`s called having a musical identity. This week should be "interesting" - Queen are notoriously difficult to cover.

Tom Gaylord said...

oh i like this blog - you've turned up in my link list in spectrum bloggers -more pics!